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I’ve received a number of crash reports from users who have upgraded their macOS to Ventura. The common thread seems to be that these users have non-iCloud calendars.

Happily, I have also received pointers from users who managed to get things to work. If you are experiencing crashing after upgrading to Ventura, try this:

  1. Go to System Settings > Internet Accounts.
  2. Remove and then re-add all non-iCloud accounts.
  3. Launch Itsycal.

I hope it works for you.

What is going on? Thankfully, I’ve also received assistance from a user who located the source of the crash. When Itsycal launches, it queries the operating system for information about your calendar accounts. Itsycal expects each account to have a valid name, e.g. “iCloud”, “Google”, “Exchange”, etc. Ventura seems to always provide a valid name for iCloud accounts, but not necessarily for accounts from other vendors. This unexpected absence of a valid name is causing Itsycal to crash. Removing and then re-adding your non-iCloud accounts seems give Ventura the nudge it needs to be able to provide valid data.

05 Nov 2022