Itsycal for Mac

Itsycal is a tiny menu bar calendar.

If you want, it will display your events as a companion to the Mac Calendar app.

Itsycal has Dark Mode, ISO week numbers, a customizable system clock replacement, and more.

⬇︎ Itsycal (latest) for macOS 10.14+
⬇︎ Itsycal 0.11.17 for macOS 10.12+

Version History

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Date & Time Patterns

Source Code

⇧ = shift      ⌃ = control     ⌘ = command
or ⇧H ⇧L Go to previous/next month.
or ⇧K ⇧J Go to previous/next year.
⇧◀ ⇧▶ or H L Go to previous/next day.
⇧▲ ⇧▼ or K J Go to previous/next week.
The above commands may be preceded by a repeat count. For example, 5 goes back 5 years. 2 1 L goes forward 21 days.
space key Go to today.
# Show selected day's offset from today and the day-of-the-year.
⌃J ⌃K Add/remove weeks in the calendar. You can also drag the handle below the calendar.
P Pin/unpin Itsycal. When pinned, Itsycal will stay open when you navigate to other apps.
W Show/hide calendar weeks.
. (period) Show/hide event locations in the agenda.
⌘, Open preferences.
⌘N Create a new event.
⌘O Open default calendar app.
⌘Q Quit Itsycal.