Itsycal 0.11.13 »

Itsycal 0.11.13 is out. This version adds two new features related to date calculations.

Pressing the # key reports the selected date’s offset from today as well as its day-of-the-year number. For example, if today is October 1, 2018 and October 15, 2018 is selected, pressing # will report +14 / 288 because October 15 is 14 days ahead of today and is the 288th day of the year.

The second feature is a repeat count for navigation commands. You can precede a navigation command by a number and the command will be repeated that many times. For example, if you want to jump ahead 7 weeks, you’d press 7 J (or 7 ⇧▼). Refer to the Itsycal homepage for a refresher on the navigation commands. The repeat count will time out after 3 seconds.

Admittedly, these features are sort of esoteric, but I personally find them useful so they’re in the app. Maybe someday you’ll find them useful too. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.12 »

Itsycal 0.11.12 is out. This release adds a new preference option for a larger text size. Hopefully this will make Itsycal a bit more accessible and comfortable to use. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.10 »

Itsycal 0.11.10 is out. You can now view 14 or 31 days in the agenda in addition to the previous options. You can also right-click an event in the agenda to copy the event details. Agenda items are now more compact. For events with long titles or locations, you can click on the event for a popup with the full details. MacOS 10.14 Mojave is coming so I did some work to make Itsycal useable on the beta. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.8 »

Itsycal 0.11.8 is out. The new macOS 10.13 contains a bug which breaks calendar localizations for many languages. This version contains a hack that restores a decent number of those broken localizations. Hopefully Apple will issue a real fix for this issue. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.7 »

Itsycal 0.11.7 is out. This version has a fix and a new feature. The fix is for a bug in the timer code that chewed up extra CPU cycles. The feature is that you can now toggle the dots on the calendar. Some people have events every day. In this case, the dots add no information. In fact, they only add clutter. This sounds obvious, but it never occurred to me since I don’t have a busy calendar. So, I’m grateful when people point stuff like this out to me. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.6 »

Itsycal 0.11.6 is out. You can now toggle the location field for events in the agenda using the keyboard shortcut . (period). For events occurring today, the event will be dimmed when its end time has passed. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.5 »

Itsycal 0.11.5 is out. This release adds Simplified Chinese localization. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal 0.11.4 »

Itsycal 0.11.4 is out. This release makes the first substantive change in Itsycal’s appearance since it was released almost five years ago. It also adds a dark theme which can be enabled through the Preferences panel. The release notes are here.

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Itsycal New Look Beta »

While Itsycal’s appearance has gradually evolved over time, it looks remarkably similar to the way it did five years ago when it first came out:

Now it’s time for something different. I’m experimenting with a flatter look as well as the ability to switch to a “dark” theme. Please check it out and let me know what you think:

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MacOS 10.13 Beta »

Apple has just released the first beta version of macOS 10.13. If you are interested in testing Itsycal on the new OS, please see this Github thread:

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Itsycal 0.11.2 »

Itsycal 0.11.2 is out. This release adds the ability to expand the number of rows showing in the calendar from 6 to 10 so you can see more of your calendar at a time. Either drag from just below the bottom row or use control-j/k to add or remove rows.

This release also changes the calendar font to be the system font (San Francisco) and includes some important bug fixes. See the release notes.

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Itsycal 0.11.1 »

Itsycal 0.11.1 is out. This release expands the Preferences window to introduce some new customization options and to make others more accessible. The release notes are here.

I sort of botched it when I first put out this update. If you’ve updated and the menu bar icon does not appear when you first launch the app, please re-download and try again.

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French, Italian, Spanish, & German »

Itsycal is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Unfortunately, I only speak one of them. Between Google Translate and the generous help of a few users, I’ve been able to translate the app into the languages I don’t speak.

I’d like to make sure the translations I have are concise, accurate, and idiomatic. I’d also like to have a resource where I can go when I need new or modified translations. So, I’m asking if anyone out there would be willing to help. If so, please email me at

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Follow Mowglii on Twitter »

I now have a Twitter account: @mowgliiapps. Please follow along for updates and news. I promise I won’t clutter up your timeline because I hardly ever tweet.

This Twitter account is meant to be a broadcast channel. If you have a question, please use email. I can’t provide support over Twitter.

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Donations »

Over the years, some kind people have asked me if I accept donations. I didn’t before, but now I do. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do that with PayPal or Square Cash. Thank you.