Itsycal / Menu Bar Customization

Itsycal enables you to greatly customize the date and time display in your menu bar.

Appearance Preferences

Menu bar customization is done in the Appearance section of Preferences. To get there, open Itsycal and click on the gear-shaped icon below the calendar. Choose Preferences in the drop-down menu. When the Preferences window appears, choose the Appearance tab.

1) The Icon

By default, Itsycal displays a small rectangular icon with the day of the month in the menu bar. By checking the appropriate boxes, you can also show the month and/or the day of the week formatted appropriately for your locale. In addition, you can select an outlined icon appearance instead of the default solid icon.

Icon Option Example
<None> 18
Use outline 18
Show month Mar 18
Show day of week 18 Thu
Show month +
Show day of week
Thu, Mar 18

2) The Text

In addition to the icon, you can optionally display arbitrary text to its right. The text will be rendered in the same font as the standard system clock, making it ideal as a customizable system clock replacement.

To display text, you must provde a datetime pattern. Datetime patterns describe specific formats for dates and times. Datetime patterns can also display arbitary text if you like 🤪. For more information on datetime patterns, see Date & Time Patterns.

If you do provide a datetime pattern, you will also have the option of hiding the icon. Choose this option if you only want text displayed in the menu bar.

Datetime Pattern Example
h:mm a 18 11:12 AM
E h:mm 18 Thu 11:12
E MMM d h:mm a
+ Hide icon
Thu Mar 18 11:12 AM