Blog / Itsycal 0.11.13

Itsycal 0.11.13 is out. This version adds two new features related to date calculations.

Pressing the # key reports the selected date’s offset from today as well as its day-of-the-year number. For example, if today is October 1, 2018 and October 15, 2018 is selected, pressing # will report +14 / 288 because October 15 is 14 days ahead of today and is the 288th day of the year.

The second feature is a repeat count for navigation commands. You can precede a navigation command by a number and the command will be repeated that many times. For example, if you want to jump ahead 7 weeks, you’d press 7 J (or 7 ⇧▼). Refer to the Itsycal homepage for a refresher on the navigation commands. The repeat count will time out after 3 seconds.

Admittedly, these features are sort of esoteric, but I personally find them useful so they’re in the app. Maybe someday you’ll find them useful too. The release notes are here.

01 Oct 2018